For the past year I have been working hard, building up my photography business. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions… thankfully mainly positive ones.

When I started out, I thought only of taking photographs and editing, but in reality, it has become increasingly clear that marketing, website management and social media planning needs an large amount of dedicated time and is crucial to the success of a small business like mine.

Being a good photographer is just not enough these days, it takes a massive amount of effort and hard work to keep things fresh and my customers engaged. I must admit over the past year I was guilty of letting this side of things slide a little… well more than a little! Mainly due to my negative feelings towards the ‘business side of business’, it literally was a battle between my creative and sensible sides and at one point I was in danger of letting that negativity affect a job that I truly LOVE.

So after a well earned rest this summer and a change of attitude I have come back to work with a determination to make amends with my sensible side and find the fun in building my business and watching the hard work I put in make a difference.

Angela x


Exist in Photographs

My experience as a portrait photographer has taught me many things, but most recently I have realised how much negativity we place onto ourselves in terms of our appearance. 

Having a portrait taken can be a daunting prospect. There always seems to be a reason not to… ”I need to lose some weight”, “I need a tan/Botox/detox” or “I am just not good looking enough”

When I hear these statements, mainly from women, my heart sinks. Not only because I would love to create a portrait for them, but also because these women don’t exist in photographs. 

How many times do we look through the family album to find that mum just isn’t there? She was busy taking the photo, capturing and creating a legacy for her family, happy not to be featured because she didn’t look good enough. 

But ask yourself, what would her children or grandchildren say if they could talk to her in that moment? They don’t see the flaws; they want her with them, existing in that moment forever.

So next time you are asked to get in front of the camera, let go and enjoy the moment.



New to this...

Welcome to my first blog... As I've no idea of blog protocols, I hope you can enjoy the naivety of my posts and forgive any blog etiquette faux pa!! 

So, after 5 years of studying for my BA, I have now found myself in the exciting but lonely zone of the professional photographer... no more lecturer's guidance, no more class crits, or fellow students to share ideas with, just my own thoughts and opinions ... and can I really trust them?

At this crossroads, leaving full time education behind and embarking on launching my photography business, I thought it might be good to share the ups and downs of my experience, and perhaps create a little diary for me to look fondly on in the future. Till next time...

Angela x


Double Exposure Flowers


I created this image using a double exposure technique. I love the days when I have the time to play around with my favourite camera, an old Mamiya RB that I bought on eBay 5 years ago. It's a quirky big beast of a camera, but can produce some very delicate images.